What is Paramotoring?

If you are in the market for a new aviation sport,

then you should seriously consider signing up for Paramotoring.

How to make your dreams take flight!

Paramotor aircraft combine the ease of flying a paraglider wing with the autonomy and range of powered flight.

Strap it on, start the engine, inflate the wing, run or use wheels and apply throttle so your feet can leave the ground. Paramotoring is one of the easiest, safest and most affordable forms of powered flight, and is unmatched by any other forms of aviation.

Simple once you develop the skill!


With a choice of frame configurations and engine options, you will find the perfect fit for you.

Training with a trusted and well respected instructor, you can feel assured that your safety is paramount.

Wings that give you confidence and security that you are in safe hands no matter your skill level.

Is a Paramotor pilot license required to fly?

In many countries, including South Africa, you do require a pilot licence to fly a paramotor or any aircraft. Pilots who undergo formal training at a certified paramotor training school receive good knowledge of the dynamics of how paramotors operate and the rules and regulations applying to local Airspace.

Where can you fly?

You can fly in many more areas than you would expect. Open fields and farms, beaches or deserts can be your launch and landing spots. We strongly advise to seek landowner’s permission before taking off.

Do you need training

to fly a Paramotor?


YNOT FLY Paramotor School has a thorough training program that will teach you all you need to know to fly and enjoy the freedom paramotoring has to offer.

Paramotor is a fair weather aircraft

Paramotors are easily transportable

Paramotoring is easy with simple controls

Paramotoring is lots of fun with new friends