A very warm welcome to life’s next great adventure

Welcome to YNOT FLY Paramotor School. We are regarded as one of the best flight schools to get qualified to fly paramotor type aircraft (foot launch and trike). The school is proud to say that we are focused on safety and have been successfully training people to fly paramotors for many years.


We no longer offer training.

Ground handling the wing

The greatest indicator of success in paramotoring is how well you can handle the paraglider. There is a wealth of skill that's fun to acquire in its own right, let alone how much it will improve your launch success.

Basic pilots license course

You are required to have a minimum of 35 flights and 4 hours flight time under instruction. You also need to write and pass open book basic licence theory tests.

Requirements to complete your license:

  • Theory and exams
  • Restricted radio operators license
  • Ground handling wing
  • PPG motor competency    
  • In-flight manoeuvers
  • Cross country flight
  • Flight test

*Flying endorsements courses

The endorsement training adds to your ability to fly your aircraft. By refining this ability you will understand your aircrafts limits better so that you can fly it safely and progress past your basic licence training.


1.1 Nil Wind Launch

1.2 Crosswind Take-off

1.3 Short Take-off

2.1 Spot Landing (Without Engine)

2.2 Swoop Landing

2.3 Low Flying

2.4 Bowling Landing (Straight Line)

2.5 Short Landing

3.1 Foot dragging

3.2 Picking up Objects

3.3 Dolphining

3.4 Wing Overs

3.5 Spiral Dives

4.1 Basic Cross country

4.2 Economy Navigation

4.3 Advanced Cross Country

5.1 Speed Bar Techniques

5.2 Basic Slalom

5.3 Advanced Slalom

Special training trips

We can arrange training in other areas of the country away from YNOT FLY Paramotor school's home base.

  1. Coastal training - Basic pilots license can be completed in 7 to 10 days, as we can train for longer during the day. The reason for this is the onshore wind is calm and turbulence free.
  2. Inland training - Due to turbulence during the day, flying is limited to early mornings and late afternoons. Therefore it will take a little longer to complete the course.

Training Courses

(foot launch / trike)

  • Basic license
  • Conversion from paragliding
  • Sports license
  • Flying endorsements*
  • Tandem license
  • Refresher training
  • Instructor training

Choosing an instructor

The most important thing you can do for yourself is to get good instruction. Anyone can declare themselves an instructor so make sure they are at least certified and registered with SAHPA. Even better is that they come recommended by a responsible and trusted person (please read the testimonials page).

Request more information on how to book your paramotor or trike training.