The MacFly Paramotor is a french designed and flown by the current world champions.

Basic to advanced level pilots will be quite at home flying this superb, rugged yet elegant paramotor. Don't waste your time and money with other brands, stick with the best.

A choice of motors is available from 80cc through the range to the 250cc power house.

ITV Wings

If you want to fly the best make sure your choice of wing is an ITV. The latest technologies are used in the design and creation of the ITV wing. Excellent training wings that will grow your confidence to the point and path you can follow until your a hot shot skygod and winning all the competitions and setting world records. YNOT FLY an ITV.

Air Conception

If you want to fly the lightest paramotor setup then look no further than the Air Conception Nitro 200.

But if you want the most power to weight ratio then you have to choose the Tornado 280.

Ozone Paragliders

True and trusted glider manufacturer. Ozone have dominated the world market in creating very reliable and trusted paraglider and paramotor wings.

“Top notch products from the best manufacturers!”