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instructor Tony Gibson

Macfly Paramotors

YNOT fly the best?

Fly what the World Champions choose to fly!

MacFly Titanium Vittorazi Moster Plus and Atom 80 paramotors are here! Combining the best of MacFly titanium lightweight strength, portability, weight shift geometry, and ultra comfortable SupAir Evo paramotor harness .

ALEX World champion in 2014, 2016 and 2018 French Champion in 2010, 2012 à 2014, 2016, 2017, 2018

CORALIE World Champion in 2014, French Champion in 2009, 2010, 2012, 2013 et 2014

MARIE World Champion in 2016, French Champion 2016, 2017 and 2018 In 2010


ITV Paragliders 

Ever since the Astérion, the first wing designed specifically for paragliding, ITV have always been involved in the evolution of the sport, peppering its history with famous names and innovations: multi-cells, elliptical geometry, line technologies, V-ribs, diagonal reinforcements …

But ITV don’t just have an impressive track records; we represent a passion for the wind, for gliding and for your pleasure.

ITV, networks and distributors throughout the world: South Africa – Switzerland – Italy – United Kingdom – the Netherlands – Spain – Portugal – Belgium – Greece – Sweden – Denmark – Norway – Finland – Russia – Belarussia – Thailand – Japan – China – India – Iran – Saudi Arabia – Morocco – USA – Canada – Brazil – Argentina – Chile – Australia – New Zealand.


OZONE Paragliders 

Ozone has been a relevant brand within the paragliders’ market for years. With Mike Cavanagh as CEO and Robbie Whittall, hand-gliding and paragliding world champion pilot, in charge of designing the gliders, it’s no wonder Ozone has been able to create reliable and high-performing equipment consistently.  

Their philosophy is to always create fun and safe gliders for pilots ranging from complete beginners to renowned professionals. With this brand, you can find the right wings for all flights, whether you need paragliders for tandem flights, soaring or powered paragliding.

When it comes to paragliding gear, Ozone is one of the market leading developers. It’s used worldwide and trusted by top-class performers. With cutting edge tech, Ozone wings are known for its high-performance, durability, and ease of use. 


Air conception Paramotors

Air Conception, innovation at the service of your passion.Simply the lightest paramotors in the world. Revolutionary frames coupled with powerful engines.


The best material available for your passion! Our frame is produced in grade 2 titanium (40% lighter than steel) and has qualities without equal. Extremely lightweight (2.5 Kg) and rugged, this chassis is designed to meet the requirements of all pilots.Developed in a spirit of simplicity and ergonomics, our chassis are easily disassembled for minimum space requirements. The cage is complemented by 6x 3K carbon spars.If dropped, titanium provides cushioning, providing the ability to be easily recovered later.


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