​”I have known Tony in many different ways to fly, and so different locations, Flying over the great wall of China, thermalling in Frogland, or making aerobatic demos in a stadium in Dubai….Paramotor, gyrocopter, paragliding….Flying, teaching, exhibition performing…I can’t wait to visit the combination of the guy and the country of South Africa, as i guess it will be a bomb! 

Cheers! Mathieu Rouanet”

Mathieu Rouanet

PPG Multiple World Champion

​”Tony Gibson, the core of YNOT FLY is, in my opinion, synonymous with experience, knowledge, skill, courtesy and mostly, safety. I have been flying with Tony for the better part of 13 years, shared social and competition scenes and enjoyed it thoroughly. Being a superb instructor and pilot, with a keen eye for conditions, good or bad, and a natural ability to preempt possible problems, his hosting of tours and group flying ensures much safer, more relaxed and enjoyable events. YNOT FLY’s tours are backed by a network of capable individuals dedicated to the success of the African flying safari, making this outfit and its tours a definite bucket list item.”


Hendrik Theron

SA National Team Pilot

“I was interested in PPG training so visited the local school where I met Tony. After talking to Tony for an hour, I knew I was at the right place.

Tony has a vast amount of knowledge/experience and he is always happy to share in the easiest manner to understand.

Teaching while flying, Tony is always the calming and assuring voice in my ear ensuring that every move is done perfectly.

Once complete the basic PPG course, Tony taught me the intermediate and advanced skills to elevate my competence level not only for PPG, but also for Paragliding.

It has been a few years since Tony was teaching me at school, I still reach out to him for continuous guidance. And I always received much more each time. Not sure if he knows that he is stuck as my lifetime instructor 

There are very few mentors you meet in life that make a big difference, Tony is one of them!”

 Phi Le

Phi Le

Diving Rebreather Specialist and Inventor 

​“I learnt to fly paramotors about two years ago and Tony was one of my instructors. He ran the classroom sessions and made even the most complex issues seem delightfully simple. His keen eye for detail meant I felt like I received a personal touch when being instructed, whether that was ground handling or in the air.  He was always very calm and collected and there was not much he had not seen or witnessed in his flying career, so I always valued hearing his carefully considered ‘top tips’, advice and general feedback on my performance.  A first class instructor, great character and a true professional who loves what he does and he receives my highest recommendation to anyone wishing to learn the basics or do more advanced training”.​

Business Development Manager 

S ATKINSON (Lt Col Retired) 

Simon Atkinson

Royal Army Medical Corps-Retired

“I have known Tony, for what seems like decades. Firstly by reputation and secondly once I moved up to Gauteng with my paragliding School. He is a man of consummate  skill when it comes to flying a powered paraglider and is a natural instructor. During my time as the chair of Sahpa and as the General Manager of the Aero Club of South Africa, Tony never hesitated to assist to try and develop his chosen aviation sport and was always full of passion and drive when it came to anybody wishing to get involved in our Freedom of flight with an aircraft in our car boot. He is wealth of knowledge and I consider to be one of the real godfathers off powered paragliding in South AFRICA. It is good that he is back in South Africa to once again give of his knowledge and his expertise to all in the sport and I for one, look forward to following him regarding  his new Ventures as they begin.We need more adventures. I believe the sport has few really good instructors and Tony is one of them.”

​Kevin Storie

Kevin Storie

Caasa – COO (Former Aero Club SA GM)

“​I am pleased to right this testimonial about a great professional , friend and instructor.I have been flying for over 20 years and for the last 2 decided to start my paramotor training.It was really a great pleasure to have Tony as one of my instructors.Very professional, displaying his skills implementing a great training atmosphere always focusing on flight safety , standard operating procedures and always adding value for the trainee.One of my best instructors during my aviation carrier.Highly recommended.”

Captain Rodrigo Frederico.

Rodrigo Frederico

A380 Captain Emirates Airlines 

“I have been an avid aviation enthusiast since a child, and have fulfilled that dream by having an airline career. But by far the most exciting part of flying for me is powered paragliding, which I have been invloved in for almost ten years.  And from the early days of the sport, I have come to know and respect Tony as an afficinado and lover of this great sport.  From those early days at Grasslands, Tony was always a calming influence and great Help to the novice that I was. He had such a great and easy manner of getting his students to have confidence in their ability. He was always willing to offer advice and help out, to make the sport fun and safe for people like me.  It was always an absolute pleasure dealing with Tony, and drawing on his vast wealth of knowledge and experience. It was mainly due to his efforts that this great sport grew in South Africa, and I was very sad to see him leave for Dubai a few years ago. It was a huge loss to this sport to see him leave, so to have him back on the scene here again is such a welcome bonus, which will be a huge benefit to our beloved sport.” 

Marcus Hanekom

Marcus Hanekom

SAA Captain

“Tony is a kind and respectful guy and easy to deal with. Helpful and knowledgeable instructor has good skills to teach and the ability to explain the subject in different ways for better understanding. Friendly and easy to work with him in a team.”Best regardsAbdulla

Abdulla Almazrooei

B777 Co-Pilot Emirates Airlines

“Tony Gibson is one of the founding fathers of powered paragliding in South Africa, setting numerous records and helping turn paramotoring into an official and registered sport in the country. Tony is a gifted pilot who has trained thousands of pilots, including myself, over the years. He takes a considered approach to training pilots, and makes sure the basics, such as ground handling, controlling the wing etc., are mastered before sending a pilot up into the air. I never felt rushed and only soloed when I felt comfortable and ready. ‘Two Step Tony,’ as he is fondly nicknamed due to his expert takeoffs and landings, is a fountain of knowledge and happy to assist with any flying related query, and in promoting a better understanding of the sport. He always has time to give advice on flying.Tony is one of the friendliest and most sociable people I know. Tony’s affable nature and sociability made him the centre of the Grasslands flying club and helped tremendously to grow powered paragliding in South Africa.” 

Guy Martin.

Guy Martin

Journalist – Defenceweb

“I am Majed from Yemen I want to till you that first. You are a good father.Next. You are my best instructor during my training in Dubai I know you good so I honored to be you friend.  Thanks for everything you give me. You are the best.”

Your student.

Majed Ali al-Mubanin

Majed Ali al-Mubanin


“At the time, 2004, I were active involved with RC Helicopters and one day met Tony at a children charity day at Grasslands, it seems like yesterday! I started with in a week and got hooked on the sport. Tony not only become a friend but is more like a brother. Over the last 14years we been involved in businesses, From Flying Unlimited, development of various PPG and PPT’s including the well-known Spider PPG. Tony was my instructor, well still is.. Every day I still learn from him. I still believe that Tony is one of the best instructors in the world. I do hope to be soon on one of these great tours.”Regards, Riaan Struwig 

Riaan Struwig

Epic Aviation & Sa Team pilot

“​Here is how I felt:Tony is a professional and knowledge pilot, his attention to detail, instruction technique, enthusiasm, and openness were all contributing factors to progressing smoothly and safely whilst embedding good fundamentals in the ppg world. In my view, he has the right balance, as an instructor to keep you safe, and help you develop. If something isn’t working he was well able to tailor training. I felt a very personal connection with him throughout our time flying in the desert. Passionate aviator through and through. Was always a pleasure.”

​Paul Myers

Paul Myers