Basic Paramotor Training 

This Basic license allows you to fly basic rated aircraft

Basic PPG training for South Africans, you need to complete the following:

Complete a powered paraglider pilot training course. 

Complete a restricted aeronautical radio license. 

Write two open-book theoretical knowledge tests (at home, at your leisure).

Basic paraglider theory test 

Powered paragliding theory test. 

Apply for your powered paraglider pilot license. (which is renewed annually) 

Your flight training is to be completed either at our location or for an extra fee on your site. 

The Steps 

Purchase a temporary (student training) membership to SAHPA.

This can be done through YNOT FLY with your instructors assistance, It allows you to start flight training under instructor supervision. 

The membership is valid for 6 months,Includes third party liability insurance, includes your paraglider (PG) training manual and PG theory test.

Purchase a PPG training manual (from your instructor).​​

You are required to purchase a suitable airband radio and helmet with a suitable communication system.

Training Process

You start the ground school Phase.

Comprehensive theory classes on all aspects of the paramotor that is required. 

Learn to ground handle and pull-up the wing and control it overhead.(usually 3 to 8 hours training required)

Complete you paramotor engine control and safety training. 

Complete a MINIMUM of 35 flights. (complete License)

Complete the required flight sequence.

Write and pass the two open book theory tests.

Complete the air band radio license.(only required if you don’t have one)

Once everything has been completed, your instructor will apply to SAHPA for your PPG Pilot License. Additional license fees payable to SAHPA for this license over and above your training fees. (valid for one year)