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I Choose…

Apart from Genes and Time and Space, In life we choose what we embrace. We have an awesome Power within, to do, or be, most anything. You have a mind, You have a voice. In strife or bind, You have a choice. You best decide, Your own life’s state, or others will dictate your fate. When life seems hard, the pressure’s on. Or you feel trapped, all hope seems gone: YOU can elect to win or lose, Never give up! Just say…..

I Choose.

Roger Gibson

Powered Paraglider  

Free yourself and fly the ultimate ‘Motocross of the sky. 

Paramotoring offers you flexibility of having an aircraft in the boot of your car. Use it to tour the world and appreciate a new perspective of your surroundings.

Powered Paratrike 

Sharing the Passion 

Solo or Tandem trike, you choose what fits you best. Flying solo offers you the freedom of a Paramotor. Flying tandem and sharing the freedom of flight with your friends is just amazing. 

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