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The Regulatory Bodies

South African Hang Gliding and Paragliding Association 


SAHPA is the governing body for legally flying paragliders, hang gliders, powered paragliders, powered hang gliders and para-trikes in South Africa. All pilots that part take in these sports must be licensed by RAASA, as required by the Civil Aviation Act. 

Recreational Aviation Administration of South Africa 



The mandate of RAASA is to exercise control over recreation activities within the Non Typed Certified Aircraft industry as envisaged in section 155(1) (g) of the Aviation Act, 2009 (Act No 13 of 2009) read in conjunction with Part 149.01.2(a) to (g) of the Civil Aviation Regulations, 2011 (CARs). 

South African Civil Aviation Authority 




The Mission of the SACAA is to regulate civil aviation safety and security in support of sustainable development of the aviation industry. Keeping you safe in the sky.