Meet Our Team

Tony Gibson is the CEO of YNOT FLY (Pty) Ltd.

He is a Grade A instructor for PPG/PPT/PPC, PG, Tandem. Tony flies light aircraft and gyrocopters and he has been actively involved in growing the sport of Paramotoring for the last 30 years in South Africa and internationally. His speciality is instructing students in the disciplines of Paramotors and Paratrikes. He trains basic through to advanced flying skills, including formation and competition level pilots. Tony holds the current World Speed Record for a 100km out and return in a closed circuit and was the former South African National team captain. He represented South Africa in three World Championships and was the South African Champion for many years. From 2014 to 2017 he was the lead instructor, display pilot and national team coach for the United Arab Emirates while working in Dubai. ​His passion for flight has driven him into a new direction of tours and training.

Tony Gibson 

Chief Flight Instructor (CFI) and Grade A instructor for YNOT FLY Paramotor school. Tony has a worldwide reputation for being a fair and calm instructor. He covers all aspects of flight training from PPG, Trike and free flight PG. 

Alison Gibson

PR and Client liaison, Alison is Tony’s wife. Alison was a trike pilot and has her PhD in Psychology. She handles client and student coordination in conjunction with Oda. 


Oda Muhr

Tour bookings and events coordinator. Oda has been flying since 2012 and is an accomplished trike pilot in her own right. She has been working in the travel industry in Southern Africa for 20 years. Oda speaks not only German and English, but also some French and Spanish.




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